Site Hints & Tips

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How do I send an email to another classmate?

  1. On the opening page where names are listed, click on the person's name. This opens their Profile with their grad picture and other data. 
  2. Under their picture is a blue notation to  Send ___that person ____ a private email.
  3. Click on that and write your email.   
  4. BE CERTAIN TO MENTION IN YOUR EMAIL YOUR OWN PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS so they can contact you there.  Write something like - Here's my regular email .  My contact phone is:  602-617-2302.  

If you are fine with just posting to this site, ignore the private process above.  FYI - If it is posted on this site, anyone can see it and anyone can respond to it.  They will receive it in their personal email but it will show as coming from YOU at this site.